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Grays GX7000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

Grays GX7000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

$ 180.00

The Grays GX7000 field hockey stick offers improved stability against torsional forces when controlling and hitting the ball. This GX model features an Energy Reduction Handle (ERH), a thermo-rubber sleeve designed to reduce impact energy transmitted up into the handle. 

The inclusion of an improved feel area (IFA) assists in absorbing energy from initial ball contact. The addition of carbon and aramid reinforcement materials adds strength to the stiffened stick, and helps dampen vibration.
The GX7000's traditional Standard blade profile offers a classic bow along the length of the handle and blade. The Maxi toe assists the player in drag flicks and reverse stick control by combining extra receiving surface and hitting power.
  • Sizes: 35", 36", 37", 38"
  • Maroon & Orange
  • Headshape: Maxi
  • Head Face: IFA
  • Power Rating: Xtra Stiff
  • Blade Profile: Standard


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